Visit 3 to the clinic by kycougar .....

EWWWWWWW...stool cultures? Gonna have a cat scan done, too.

Date:   11/8/2006 9:59:57 AM ( 15 y ago)

Had my third visit to the clinic last night and saw Dr. B. (The second visit was a woman doctor...H or K?) Dr. B. is a general surgeon, and, as it turns out, performed a minor outpatient surgery on my husband a few years ago.

Anyway, regarding the mysterious mass I feel inside my abdomen, in the upper right quadrant, he is sending me for a CT scan. There is still some concern about my anemic condition, which seems to indicate there is some blood loss going on somewhere, so he ordered some stool cultures...EWWWWWWWWW! ICK! Fun for me, huh? He upped my iron intake to 3X daily now instead of two. And I had my blood drawn again. That's been everytime so far. I told them they're going to have to quit taking all my blood cuz I'm running out...besides that, I have this anemic condition...haha.

My time's up, but I guess I will start keeping track of my husband's health now, too. He went for his first visit last night.

UPDATE: New medication prescribed at this visit and dosage for ferrous sulfate changed. Furosemide, for the water retained in my legs and feet every night, was prescribed at 20mg once each day (40mg tablets I cut in half). Ferrous sulfate was upped to three times a day instead of two.

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