First two visits by kycougar .....

Results of first two visits.

Date:   10/27/2006 10:01:55 AM ( 15 y ago)

Okay, first visit was two weeks ago this past Tuesday. We discussed my thyroid and blood was drawn. Also, one of my main concerns because it's such a mystery to me and because it's getting more and more uncomfortable and creating more and more pressure is this mass or bulge in my upper right quadrant. The doctor ordered a gallbladder ultrasound to be done at the hospital.

This past Tuesday at my second visit, the results from my blood tests showed dangerously high TSH levels: 70 (+?). So, I'm now on a prescription for that. (I'll have to check and see exactly what it is.) The gallbladder ultrasound showed nothing of concern, just a little fatty tissue in the liver. (Hmmm.)

I had blood drawn again at this visit and checked for iron, because apparently the first blood tests showed blood loss anemia. (I had just come off a period and suspect that was the cause.) They also started me on iron tablets.


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