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I just started going to a free clinic. These are all the problems I'm having...

Date:   10/25/2006 9:52:12 AM ( 15 y ago)

This entry begins the journey. I expect to learn many things on this journey, all of which I will share with the world, via this journal. If any of it helps anyone else, I will feel blessed by that, but essentially it is a record for me.

I've been facing an ever-growing number of problems for the past few years. I am financially poor, and without any medical insurance. Most of that time, I didn't even have two nickels to rub together to even think about saving toward something beneficial from the health food store. But now there is a clinic open one night a week for those without other resources to be seen and diagnosed by doctors. I plan to use their diagnoses to research alternative ways to restore my health. I also plan to keep the clinic informed of anything I plan to do to supplement or replace traditional medicine and to continue to have my health monitored by them. This may actually help them in some areas as well. Wouldn't it be great if some of them see my health improve from natural measures and they then incorporate some natural healing into the realm of what they prescribe? Sweet!

These are some of the problems I'm having:
very poor circulation, edema or blood pooling in lower extremities, incontinence, skintags in armpits, severe dryness and scaliness of the feet, muscles easily cramp from even laughing, coughing, shivering, and the like, a "mystery bulge" in the upper right quadrant of my abdomen*, extreme fatigue (a former nightowl now tired around 9 pm every night), sudden and rapid weight gain...what else?

Oh no, my time is already up today! (I don't have internet at home.) I'll have to continue tomorrow.


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