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day 6 food glorious food

Date:   10/15/2006 11:18:18 AM ( 17 y ago)

Today felt really low...really hungry....really tired....i think tomorrow will sort of follow the same pattern from reading the blogs of people who have completed the fast.

People are commenting on how ive lost weight, so it keeps me going to know that I am getting somewhere. We are having people over today and I went to the shop to get a few bits and little did i realise how I obsessed I WAS with food. It felt really strange not having the urge to buy a chocolate bar or a cake. Hey don't get me wrong, the temptation was there but It just felt so cheap to lose 6 days of this on a bar of chocolate or a cream cake.

I think I can make it to day 30 as I feel if I can get through today the rest will be a breeze. Im preparing myself for another bad day tomorrow, just have to get through.

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