day 4 by lala84 .....

Day 4 so far so good...

Date:   10/13/2006 3:46:09 PM ( 17 y ago)

Well I have been on the juice fast for 4 days now... after reading some inspiring blogs I decide to take the challenge myself. A lot of the blogs seemed to taper off after the second day so I took that as the first 4-5 days being the hardest - which is true!

However, already on day 4 and I feel great! I did so much housework today and I didnt feel like passing out after. I am also sleeping much more deeply and my bowel movements (lol) are much better, but I won't gross u out with all the details.

So far so good. I want to make it to one week which is Tuesday.

I am doing this to lose weight and help my body get in to a better state. I am about 70 lbs overweight and I just hate the way I look and feel. I want to change for good and improve my confidence and health.

Lets see how I go....

Bye for now!


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