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Daily journal toward shedding 50 pounds in 40 days.

Date:   10/9/2006 9:52:58 AM ( 17 y ago)

So today is Day 1. I am beginning my 40 day Master Cleanse fast today and ending on November 18th. I have been talking about losing weight for nearly 10 years now, pretty sad since I am only 25. When I first started thinking about weight loss I only needed to lose about 10 pounds and it has jumped over the years to 50 I need to get rid of!

I have several reasons to fast and lose this weight:
1) my health, diabetes and other weight related conditions run in my family, if I am not careful I could certainly fall prey to them
2)I am young and want to be able to wear whatever I want when I want
3)I want to get married, my boyfriend is very fit and wants his wife to be fit too, he has already said that we will get married soon, he just wants me to take more of a controlled hold on my weight and overall health.
4)I am tired of weight being the first thing on my mind everyday

I am currently as of this morning 191.5 pounds (1 pound is from food I ate yesterday since I was 190.5 then)

By the end of this 40 day fast I would like to see my weight somewhere in the 140's.

I will be exercising daily while fasting, letting my body determine the intensity. I will start off vigourous today and keep it up as long as I feel strength.

I look forward to your replies and support as well. Take Care until tomorrow.


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