Ahhh day 5! by 2ndTime .....

Finally, the light at the end! Or not...

Date:   9/21/2006 5:31:33 PM ( 15 y ago)

I am so baffled by this experience this time around. Today has been amazing. No headach or nausia (so far), although I did do a SWF this morning that helped my previous "situation" a ton. I have plenty of energy and feel normal. I even had "lunch" today with some girlfriends and didn't crave anything they were eating at all. Pretty big hurdle for me to get over- being social while fasting. We'll see how tonight goes but for now I'm on a pretty good high. And THANK YOU Barefoot for the SWF recommendation. Solved everything. THIS is what I remember a fast being like- feeling clear, clean, and focused. Oh and I have now lost 4lbs. That's about right for day 5. Feels good to be on track!

Okay it's now 5pm and I have not been hungry since I started the fast yet my stomach still grumbles to this day. I've read on other blogs that this may be due to too much pulp in my juice or that I'm lacking salt. Any info is welcome. I'm trying not to get paranoid though because one blog said I should STOP the fast immediately if my stomach still grumbles after day 3... yikes. I have 2 days left! I don't want to quit now... but I don't want to hurt my organs/body either...


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