Day 13 by fungivore .....

Day 13

Date:   9/24/2006 10:19:55 AM ( 17 y ago)

So I just responded to a comment and I figured I might as well copy and paste it for my day 13 post:

Hey there. Thanks for the response! I was starting to think I wouldn't really get talking to anyone!

In response to your questions:

Ya, I'm still goin strong, not feeling hunger at all but definitely craving flavors! I just keep telling myself, "It'll be there when you're done, and the longer you wait the better it'll taste!"

Day three was definitely the hardest for me, if you can get past that you should be in good shape. I'd recommend doing warm-hot saltwater flushes often, though. It's hard when you're detoxing and feeling like crap to drink all that saltwater, but a few hours later you feel waaaayy better.

I've still had a lot coming out. I didn't do a swf yesterday but had 3 pretty subtstantial bm's, with a lot of that really dark mucus type crap. I can actually tell when it's that mucus coming out by how uncomfortable it is just below my belly button for about 20 minutes before it comes out. Like it's not supposed to be there! Even the saltwater rushing through doesn't feel uncomfortable like that.

Last year I had nowhere near as much elimination, I think I was focusing too much on the not eating and not enough on the removing, which is probably more important.

Unfortunately I haven't had much time for introspection the past few days. I've been working through the weekend and have been really focusing on elimination. Once this phase is done, though, I think I'll be flying high for a while!

Good luck with your upcoming fast! And I'd recommend starting a blog from day 1! With so many ups and downs it's hard to remember how I felt 2 days ago!


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