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First post of extended juice fast; background on myself

Date:   9/17/2006 11:09:28 AM ( 17 y ago)

So I figured this time around I should keep a log of the journey, a 30 day+ organic juice fast. I'll start out by giving a quick background on myself.

I am a 25 year old male living in Calgary, Alberta. When I was 18 I got heavily into body building, and basically ate nothing but protein and carbs (usually fast food and 8 liters of milk per day) for about 3 years, until my stomach couldn't take it anymore. I didn't have a solid "movement" for about 3 years, even after having "healthy" dinners like a chicken breast, rice, and a salad.

So I started cutting things out of my diet one by one until I started to feel energetic again, and I've now been a vegetarian for 4 years. I radically overturned my views on nutrition. When I still ate fish and cheese for protein I was tired all the time, and it wasn't until I became all out vegan 3 years ago that I felt human again.

As far as past cleansing experiences go, from earliest on, I did a 3 day water fast, a 5 day water plus 3 days of juice fast, a 37 day raw food stint, and last year I did a 17 day juice fast.

What I enjoy about fasting the most is the wholistic effect it has on my mind, body and spirit. I have a strong interest in altered states of consciousness, such as long distance running, lucid dreaming, and psychedelic experiences. I find fasting has strong similarities to all of these. It is with this in mind that I am undertaking an extended juice fast, I plan to go 40 days, but I wouldn't feel that I let myself down if I go 30. I would have gone longer than 17 days last time but I went to concert that night and sweated out about 2 liters in the pit in front of the stage. In hindsight I should've just gone home and drank 2 liters of juice, but that was the furthest I've ever gone, and I started to wonder if I might die in my sleep!!

The bulk of my juice intake is carrot-apple, sometimes I throw in a few other veggies for my dinner juice. Other than that, I do a saltwater flush every second day.

The first 3 days, as expected, were sketchy; on the third day I thought up a list of about 100 reasons why I should only go a week. But since then I've felt great and am now on day 7. I've been working a lot, which I was kind of worried about, but the days actually seem to go by quicker than usual, and my brain function is much higher.

My hope is to stay motivated enough to write something here at least once a day, but it's always been hard for me to keep a journal.

I welcome any questions or advice.


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