10 days ...only 60 days left by sabastian .....

which is best wheatgrass juicer

Date:   9/10/2006 8:56:48 AM ( 17 y ago)

10 days gone only seems like 7 days.
feel good lost 10 pounds weigh myself every morning ,feel vey green ,light green yellow mood never had a colour mood,lost my bustle and semi aggressive nature ,my actions are more thoughtful slower and wiser my thoughts are deeper and more thoruogh I keep with the strand and follow things through.

i need to get a small green juicer for green and wheat grass i wonder which one is the best???? What about the manual ones?

It took me about17 minutes to clean the juicer, peal and wash the veg and consume
my carrots apple and ginger today.


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