4th day ...feel alone no comments by sabastian .....

lost 5 pounds

Date:   9/4/2006 3:50:36 AM ( 17 y ago)

joined this site for some encouragement ...to go public to commit myself to a group of people for advice and a push ... no comments so far ,but the Angels are with me.
Well things are getting easier bloating gone down on feet and tummy had a good nights sleep and lost 5LBS IN 4 DAYS dont feel hungry set my mind to go through with this no half measures like i'll try 20 days and see how it goes no all or nothing I will fight the pizza i will fight the chocolate .....no surrender .

I guess why no comments is because so many people start a blogg on fasting and they fail and we never here from them again.this will not be the case.

I fought the booze and won.

I fought the drugs and won.

i am fighting the food and will WIN


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