day three by aliveandkickin .....

MORNING WEIGHT: 149.0 I slept in pretty late today.

Date:   8/27/2006 3:43:00 PM ( 17 y ago)

Calories Consumed (so far): 600

I slept in pretty late today. Woke up about 11:30. Again not really hungry. Kind of feeling ambivilent towards food. I heated up a mug of apple juice in the microwave and sprinkled it with cayenne pepper. Even though I wasn't hungry I figured I should make sure to get something in my system. I drank some water and took psyllium caplets. Like last time I"m taking this in conjunction with the Zand Cleansing Kit to help along the digestive processes.

I don't have a juicer but I buy the organic pure apple juice from the grocery store. I also don't wanter it down like I"m supposed to. Maybe I will try it but even full strength I only end up consuming an average of 600 calories a day in juice and wouldn't want to lessen that.

5PM I am having cravings again. I went to the grocery store to buy more juice and the smells were getting to me. Once again I almost caved in but stopped myself. Actually I really wish I had not re-read my blog from a year ago. Now it has me desperately craving chicken with blue cheese (from the low carbing times) and it's getting really hard to resist hopping in my car and satisfying that urge. I say to myself over and over, the food will be there in a month but it is still tough. Ahhh I just wish it was time to go to sleep so I could not be tempted. I've got to do something to pass the time. Maybe I will watch tv, which I don't usually do. Hmm...

Okay I watched TV. BOring. Then I jumped rope for 10 minutes, burning 104 calories. I have one of those counting jump ropes that you program your weight into and it calculates the calories burned, number of rotations, time working out, and even your pulse! I love it. I was jump roping with a regular rope before but paid so much attention to the clock that it went soooo slowly. Now I can lose track of time, do it for maybe two minutes, put it down and come back later and get my full 10 minutes eventually. It keeps track of where you left off until you reset it.

Ahh I think I should be ready for sleep soon. I always get excited about sleeping cause it means I will be able to step on the scale in the morning and see a change. Even if the change is only water/waste weight it is still motivating. I really really want to get down to 130. I hate being chubby. I know I carry it well but still. I feel like tomorrow I won't see that much loss on the scale. Maybe because I haven't had to GO to the bathroom at all today and I'm filled with so much psyllium. 3 days down...28 to go. I can do this.


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