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day 1

Date:   7/31/2006 4:48:06 PM ( 17 y ago)


today is day 1 of my fasting. everything started well but few hours later i had a headake but i think it's because i was outside too long it's really sunny today. except my head i'm feelling pretty good.

what i drank today? i started my morning with a glass of tea and after i drank a V8 tomato juice (it's really good for the skin)at 12h00. But thats not all everytime i thought i was getting hungry i would drink a water or juice. The reason why sometime it will be hard to stick to a juice fasting its because your stomach is use to eat a lot of solid food but just let your stomach get use to it and in one week it will be ok. tomorrow is day 2 and i will tell you guys how my day went. for now i have nothing else to say. Day 1 was easy for me. (for now)

ok bye
take care
p.s. everyday i ride my bike like exercise cuz thats the only thing that i like to do. Exercise is really important it's good for your heart.


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