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Another day down! YAY!

Date:   7/11/2006 3:12:08 AM ( 17 y ago)

Well, here I am again, posting my blog before bed (I am up way too late tonight!).

I am amazed at my energy level on this cleanse so far.  I really hope it stays this way & I really hope I can stay positive.  I managed to survive today, my first day on the cleanse at work.  It went fine, mind you I had some hard times when co-workers made some yummy breakfasts & lunches, that got my tummy grumbling big time.  I think some of my coworkers think I am off my rockers doing the MC, haha.  I am going to bring the book to work for them to see tomorrow.

I wasn't tired at all today, surprising since I was up through the night with fire alarms ringing in the building, I only got about 3 hrs sleep if that (ugggg).  I worked all day & was clear minded, not foggy at all & I didn't have any troubles.  It was a really good day.  I came home from work today changed the cat litter, tidied the kitchen up (one thing with this, other than lemon juice & syrup on my counter there hasn't been a need for my kitchen! lol), then I went for a walk with the dog, came home & went to the pool, did a few laps, nothing major since I am just trying to get back into excersise etc & dont' want to burn out & over do it, best to start slow & steady - especially while doing this cleanse when I am not used to it!

I felt great after all that, came back home, and did very well tonight.  I am very proud of myself.  The only setback today I had really was I didn't do the SWF first thing this morning (I was too scared to since going to work).  I started out my morning with the lax tea & well I feel much better doing to the SWF (as gross as it is) so I will maybe try again tomorrow.    I think I need more water though, even though I seem to be drinking tons of it.  I don't usually drink water at all - maybe a glass or two a day so I have totally noticed my skin getting so much better on this cleanse.  I might be detoxing, but my skin is still becoming so much softer! I only have a couple small blemishes so far too - not bad from someone who gets acne all the time!   I have also been having my drinks with only 1 tablespoon of the syrup too (I start the day with about 1 & 1/2, then cut back - since I need to lose weight)  I am also getting used to this cayenne pepper & can have quite a bit in my drink now.  I remember a few years ago when I did this cleanse, I got canker sores & heartburn from the drink, I am so glad that's not happening this time *knocks on wood*  My tongue is still all white & fuzzy (more so in teh back then the front) and well I have also been cold, I was cold today & needed to wear my sweater at my desk.  Geesh I was wondering if that coldness was going to come back.  What causes that? is it normal on the MC?

Other than all that, it was a good day & I am looking forward to Day 4- its just those lunches & breakfasts, snacks etc & seeing everyones foods & today two of my coworkers went out to lunch for Chinese food to one of my fav places to go, oh my, I could almost taste it I was craving it so bad! haha.  Oh, speaking of cravings, I am still craving carrots & garlic for some reason - and potatoes.  What's with that?  Guess its better than a bag of doritos lol.

I hope I can make it through the week & I am worried for the weekend since my kids will be back & I will have food all around me again haha (but that's a few days away - best to not worry about that now)

I have been spending time at night searching out this site as well as others for healthy eating alternatives & raw lifestyles, better living & health & wellness sites etc,finding out recipes such as making enjoyable drinks etc & things that will help keep me focused on staying healthy & having fun too.   I get a bit sad & glum when I think about not being able to have a bacon cheeseburger with fries when this is done, or a gloopy melted swiss greyuere cheese fondue with a loaf of french bread & a bottle of wine. haha.  Wow, its work to change a lifestyle & eating habits - I feel as though I am trying to kick a few addictions (well I am!)  That's why I decided to start looking at better foods & try to think of some really yummy meals to have when I am finished this.  Maybe I can redirect all my cravings. (hope so)

I belong to a few gaming sites & forums & well I havent really told anyone I was here or what i was doing & I think they are getting a bit ticked at me since I haven't been playing lately. lol.   I love to play but at the same time I have to focus on my health & wellness right now too.  I can balance it all out still, however I have a lot of cleaning to do around my cluttered house as well.  I have to keep telling myself, it took me 6 yrs to get this way & to get this place this way, its not to change & be how I want it over day at a time - I really have to remember that!

On that note, its time for this sleepy gal to go to bed!  cheers to Day 4!!!!  :)


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