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I read the posting "Freefall" and it resonated with my mood

Date:   7/3/2006 7:46:28 AM ( 17 y ago)

Gee I just read Marasong's freefall and this thing about truth and lies- It resonates

They are simply an aspect of a belief system or perhaps a reaction?

Why are there so many belief system's in our nation and world? Fear?

Lack of Trust in self or soul nature?- Our soul nature if you will- Hahahaha or even if you won't (Now there's a belief system for you!) has all the answers that we have created over all the lives.

Fear is created by a feeling of separation. An anxiety, a feeling of being separate from God. Can't happen. Only in the head- not in the soul. Anxiety is a product of living in the future. Depression the past- BTW I have been in all these conditions.

I love my AA buddies, they are always trying to manage life, and perhaps life isn't meant to be managed or we as spirits aren't meant to be managed. I do not mean the desire to drink until life is unmanageable is good- but decades later there is still the identity of disease in their life. (Note After writing this I spoke to my friend/webmaster who has been sober 20 years- Basically Life is unmanageable after sobriety- Only the higher power manages anything)
The incurables? Yet the best hearts and some also minds on the planet.

We can count on the fact that life will go on, much as before, without our presence. Much to the ego's dismay. Those who leave their mark, do so at much expense.

Maybe we are meant to be respected even if one thinks otherwise. Tightly held Opinions are dangerous to spirit health.

Freefall, another aspect of a belief system that touts people who are settled, could it be a reaction to? Boo yin and yan -??

And as I say this - some of the happiest times of my life have been when I have been nesting. With a partner, and with children. There was a price to pay...

Tonight it remains a Paradox. I think only the heart can say...Not the head.

I am left with "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction"- I think belief systems function in that paradigm Plane.

I keep coming back to: align your truth with your actions, or change your truths to fit your actions- Have the courage of honesty.

Look for all answers within-no one has them but you- you are an original creation- fashioned by God.

Thanks Marasong...You a smart cookie
BooBoo yin and yan


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