Post Fast Day 9 by Raiven .....

Wow, has it only been 9 days?

Date:   5/3/2007 10:00:20 AM ( 16 y ago)

I am so proud of the transition I have made to solid foods. I have been on them for 9 days now - slowly getting back to full solid meals. I still have a juice thrown in daily and I have been on a completely vegan diet high in raw foods. I weighed myself and I am only 2 pounds up from when I ended the fast. That is great considering the books tell you to expect a 5-7 pound gain. I will increase my exercise a little more next week to get those 2 pounds back off. I know the difference is I have solids in my system now, so that is what the 2 pounds could be. But I am determined to continue the weight loss process and may do another juice fast sometime in the next month. For now, I will see how this healthier way of eating goes for my body. I feel great! My digestion seems to be so much better now and I am much more "regular" than I was pre-fast. I am becoming a more efficient machine. :)


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