Day 10/11 by Raiven .....

14 pounds gone!

Date:   6/16/2006 10:37:09 AM ( 17 y ago)

Well, I have made it to day 11! I am amazed that I have done this. Over the last 2 years I have felt that my will power was non-existant and now I have redeemed myself! I felt a little tired yesterday and noticed that I became a little irritated when I saw other people eating. I am not hungry so it is such an emotional thing. I ended up ordering the Oxypowder instead of getting the tea for my BM problem. I read so many good things about it that it seemed like the better option so I am waiting for that to get here. I really did not want to go through the stomach cramping with the other stuff. I am still a little worried about the festivities this weekend but that is also emotional. I am so used to eating the snack food when I am at all day family parties. I am going to stick to my guns and bring my juicer along with me. If anyone has anything to say I will just let them know that I am doing something for me and my health - end of conversation! :) To reward myself, after work today I am going to a day spa for an aromatherapy bath and a deep tissue massage (another great way to release toxins). It will be a great way to finish off the week and get ready for the weekend. Today I weigh 164 so I am down a total of 14 pounds!


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