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Later in day one

Date:   6/9/2006 5:44:46 PM ( 16 y ago)

So far so good. I've drank 3 glasses of carrot/apple juice. THen I went to Juice It Up today and got a orange/carrot juice, (really good). I've drank about 32 ozs of water. I will drink lots more before the day ends. So far so good. It's about 4pm almost. I"m not really hungry....a little sleepy and a slight fever I feel kinda. But, overall...I'm good. I'm gonna go out with a friend and get my mind off of this for awhile, then I'm gonna turn in early. I know tomorrow is supposed to be the hardest day and my family are already planning on staying away from me....JUST IN CASE! Hahahaha


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