The Most Wonderful Gift That Ever Came Into My Life by #63992 .....

It's amazing the detailed steps life takes us to where we're ultimately supposed to be.

Date:   6/10/2006 1:02:12 PM ( 16 y ago)

So now I'm feeling euphoric after walking from that damn corporate company I left. This has been about a year ago. Since I'd made the decision to take a year off, I guess it's time to do a little traveling, right? So I'm living in Atlanta at the time. My college sorority roommate also lives in Atlanta so we hung out together quite a bit. One Saturday morning, we're sitting around having coffee shooting the shit and she says, "wonder whatever happened to my old boyfriend from college?" I replied back agressively from my caffeine buzz, "I don't know but we're gonna find out!" I grabbed my cell phone and started calling 411 for him as well as other fraternity brothers of his who were also our friends in our attempts of tracking him down. It was a hoot! We hadn't talked to these guys in about 15 years or so.

One of his frat roommates was a big buddy of mine during college. This roommate David and I hung out together all the time. We'd drink beer together at his frat house, hang out at my house with my family, play tennis together, ya know, just doing whatever because we were so comfortable with each other. At the time he was probably around 300+lbs, so it was never a physical thing, we were buds. We'd lost touch for some 15 years, so it was great to talk to him on the phone. He still lives in KY where we went to college. My girlfriend and I never found out where her ex boyfriend ended up, but I was glad to have reconnected with David. We remained telephone pals as I lived in GA and he in KY.

Ironically, my girlfriend had planned a trip to our college town some months prior to visit another best friend of ours so their children could play together. Let's see....I'm not working, you're going up to KY to visit another best friend of ours, I wanted to do some traveling, hmmmmmmmmmmmm, I"M GOING WITH YOU! YA THINK?

So a couple of weeks later I hopped in the car with my girlfriend Jill and her daughter with my suitcase for the roadtrip. She'd taken a week off of work for the journey. It's been since college since I've been back to this city, so it was gonna be neat to see everything again.

I told David I was coming up to visit my girlfriend and stay at her house with Jill for the week and that we should hang out some. So we get to my girlfriend's house and have girltime. After a couple of nights of that, I was ready to venture out. I don't have children so I wanted some real adult time away from the kids. Told the girls I was going to hang out with David that next night. He picked me up and it was wonderful to see my old friend who I was very close to but hadn't seen in about 15 years. He was amazingly a svelte 200 lbs 6'4. WOW! How'd you lose all that weight I asked? Anyway, we had a ball catching up.

My trip winded down and it was the night before Jill and I were leaving for home in Atlanta. I was grilling out with David at his house and the girls were at her house with the kids. It became late in the night and I'd had too much to drink to drive home. I was tired and wanted to go to sleep. I hoped in bed feeling very nervous as my heart was racing, I mean, David and I were always buds, ya know? We laid there in the dark talking and then.....

Suddenly David pulled me close and tight and expressed he'd always been in love with me and that I was the only girl in the world for him. He explained that he'd been waiting for me since college. It was the sweetest most romantic moment of my entire life. Brings tears to my eyes recalling the details of the most special evening I've ever felt. He said, I know you're supposed to go back with Jill tomorrow but would you please stay here with me. Long story short, I haven't been back to my condo in Atlanta since and we're getting married in 3 weeks!

The reason I go into such detail with this story is because it's so amazing to me how life brings us to the places we are supposed to be for very specific reasons:

1) I AGONIZED for over 8 months about resigning from the corporate world and then finally quit straight up
2) My girlfriend wanted to find her ex boyfriend that one Saturday morning
3) She ironically had already planned her trip to KY some months before I'd quit my job to go by herself with her daughter
4) I'd have never jumped in the car to go with her if I hadn't quit my job
5) David happened to be unattached at the time
6) It just so happened I was also unattached at that time too
7) David's father told me he'd asked David a couple of years prior when he was finally going to get married and settle down. Even though David and I wouldn't reconnect for 2 years after this conversation he was having with his father, David explained that I was the only girl for him to his Dad. Such a sweet story his father shared with me.

I insert this story during this time of reflection to get real with myself toward gaining a healthy, self-respectful, well-rounded, well-balanced me. One that chooses to consume nutrients into my body rather than poisons in overcoming the habit of poor immediate gratification behavior I so longely desire to release forever. I believe that with this journey of attaining self-love it will only continue to enhance the bond with my soon to be husband and our lives together. Journey on........


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