Day 9 by Zoebess .....

was fine

Date:   6/10/2006 8:21:31 AM ( 17 y ago)

I woke up on day 9 feeling fine and as my energy rose like sap in a maple tree...ggg...I wanted to get out and venture to the big city of Houston. I decided to forego the SWF and just do the tea so spending so much time hovering over the toilet would not be an issue.

I have only been to town twice since beginning my fast and so it was curious to listen to my thoughts as they reminded me, oh, there is Smoothie King, there is the Jamba Juice bar, there is Los Cucos! Jeez, even the IHOP and TGIF called out to me. I craved the sight and texture of food and love hearing the voices of people visiting over food and laughing & chattering to each other.

In the stores I stopped at, I wandered up and down the aisles and tested myself by looking at food. I even bought a few things I cannot find closer to home, varieties of Tabouli I like a lot.

I did real well with my drink and water. I had a cooler with iced sports bottles and kept the sipping up and rotated with water. I headed home after my lemonade was gone and the laxative tea was seriously rumbling in my tummy. I had drunk it in the morning but it did not hit me until 3 in the afternoon. I was glad to be home and the airconditioning in my room felt so good after the heat of the day. The high temp in the next town over was 104 degrees. I was wiped though and after drinking another lemonade and letting the tea out, I napped for a couple of hours.

My energy of the morning never showed up again but I am getting much better at listening to my body and was rather relaxed anyway. Visited with my company and watched a movie and did not put any pressure on myself.

Day 10, woke up early to see company off. It is going to be hot today again so I did not turn the air off. I bodybrush and lift some weights. I drink my SWF and make the decision to not put any pressure on myself today. I feel vulnerable. There is too much leftover food in the refrigerator too. Eggs and veggies and strawberries...arghhh....the birds will love those!

I hope all those who were aboard with me are doing well and especially that they have MORE energy than me. I have not been going out and sunning while company is here and so I will go out early to catch some rays and hopefully that will recharge my batteries...ggg.

Day 10 is here and the SWF is down and after a flurry of chores and lemonade making, I will spend a chillin' afternoon watching some DVDs and sipping lemonade. I am in a valley energy wise and so will allow my body to rest and repair.

be happy, be well,


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