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Dam, Dariam, dariam, da da da di da di dam daria-a-am...

Date:   6/15/2006 11:57:47 PM ( 16 y ago)

I'm feeling very very dejected.

Drank tons of fresh watermelon juice today.. very cleansing, but I still preformed some actions that probably aren't very good for my health.

Went out to try and go running tonight - I got maybe 5 houses down before I became extremely dizzy and out of breath. After that I tried a few more times, and I ended up having to drag myself home. -Walking- was such a chore and effort. At one point I just sat on the sidewalk and cried [where a very caring kitty comforted my frustration by keeping me company].

Now, I know I shouldn't expect to run a marathon, but I used to run up to 10 miles a day. I was very into biking, ice skating, running, swimming, hiking, and especially dancing, and when I can hardly walk around the block and carry my own weight .. well, it's jarring.

I know.. whine whine whine. All in all, I'm proud I even -took- steps today, instead of giving up altogether.

I think I'm going to start distancing myself from people.

Pick yourself up and try again. Tomorrow I start the BarleyMax.

P.S. Thank you -everyone- for your kind comments. I apologize I don't respond immediately. I do appreciate you!


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