Kudos to fiance for putting up with crabby me by missnook .....

long, crabby night

Date:   7/19/2006 10:40:10 AM ( 17 y ago)

I hid out in the bedroom last night just wanting some quiet time. MJ was out of sorts... he's used to my company and I just wanted to be left alone. The kids could smell the PMS and laid low, but MJ just didn't get it. He drank too much and snored like a big fat drunk guy all night long! I was so snotty with him, yelling at him to roll over. Finally, I fell asleep and awoke an hour later to pee. This wolk him and he started fidgeting. Again, I yelled at him for snoring and now fidgeting. He lay next to me afraid to move, not quite knowing what the hell was wrong with me. Just as the snoring began again... the tea kicked in. I should have used the other bathroom. He left for work all dicombobulated. I'm having a little cleaning headache, but can't stop giggling to myself about how cute he is. All night, when I ranted and raved, he just replied," I just love you" in this bewildered voice. I will definitely give my sweetie a hug when he get home.
Off to the waterpark for a day with the kids. I feel like the luckiest person. Thank God my family loves me enough to suffer through PMS and the fasting crazies.


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