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I Eat In My Dreams

Date:   4/20/2006 12:33:03 PM ( 16 y ago)

I'll update this at the end of the day...

::Woke Up::
8oz cran/water + 1 TBLS ground flaxseed

::15 min later::
16oz Appple-Ginger-Celery Juice + 1 tsp flaxseed oil

::Noon:: ? Some sort of vegetable juice concoction...

Thanks to the forum I got some feedback about flaxseed oil and vitamins while juicing! So that was great. There was also a call to question that flaxseed oil can act as an appetite suppressant. I read that flaxseed is in fact an appetite suppressant because it's EFAs increase serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain, which decreases depression and as well as the appetite! On the contrary to flaxseed oil, pharmecutical grade fish oil is suppose to work the best! Especially in treating depression and ADD - both of which I have and struggle with especially while in school. But I'm going to experiment with fish oil once school starts up again!

So, one thing I noticed while fasting is I've also been dreaming a lot more! And I love it! It's great! But a few of the dreams I've been having are dreams about eating! Like, I'd be eating something in my dream, not thinking about what I was doing, and then all of a sudden, I'd realize I shouldn't be eating! I'd become so anxious in my dream that I would wake myself up, all in a panic! I would think I had broken my fast and then realize it was just a dream! Fortunately I'd fall back asleep and not raid the fridge, but how sick is that?! Ruining a perfectly fantastic dream about eating! And a perfectly fantastic dream about... other things! haha ;) Oh well...


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