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Date:   4/17/2006 3:37:27 AM ( 16 y ago)

Hello Everyone!

My name is Mari. I'm 26, 5'4, Medium Frame, 125lbs. I'm looking to do some internal spring cleaning, and to clean out some toxins and food dependencies that I've accumulated throughout the years. I'm planning to embark on a Juice Fasting Journey for 3 Days. 3 Days of utter agony and pain. 3 Days of maybe not even getting out of bed. 3 Days of who knows what! All I know I know is I have to do this. Yes, I know, 3 Days is just a teaser - the real magic happens when you go for a week or two... or four! But to me, a novice, 3 days is an eternity and there is no way I could even think about going on a fast for a month! But perhaps I will... I'm just going to start out slow.
But fortunately, this juice fast will not be too much of a shock for my mind and body - the past week I've been on a detox diet; detoxing away all sorts of addictions - overeating, emotional eating, sugar, starch, salt - simply wrecking HAVOC on me!
But my worst addiction yet has been my caffeine dependency. Although I'm not opposed to caffeine - it's all about moderation - I have realized how greatly it effects my blood sugar levels. After I eat a meal, I remain hungry until I've had something sweet to eat! I'm done with being a slave to my uneven blood sugar levels. Although this fast will be a great challenge, it will also be a great accompishment. I just have to keep saying over and over to myself: Mind over body, mind over body. hehe

ps. PLEASE if anyone has any advise I welcome it! I'm sure I'll be checking the forum quite frequently...


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