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Date:   3/28/2006 2:24:43 AM ( 16 y ago)

I have wanted to start a juice fast for a while... never had the time, the will, etc. Now I have decided and starting it today. Actually I just decided a few hours ago (and after I had had my morning coffee...) lol.
I don't yet have a juicer but I ordered one and it should arrive in two days. So far I will get the fresh juice froma a bar. It's gonna cost me more but I just don't want to wait another two days.
I have different reasons for fasting. Of course I'd like to drop some weight - maybe like 20 pounds. But more than that I need some new energy. I have been so tired for the last few months and I can feel how every meal not gives me strength but takes it. I'm even more lethargic and tired after eating instead of getting energy from food. I can't live my life like that, I'm only 30. And here is hope juicing will help me, fingers crossed!
I haven't actually prepared myself much. I have been eating more raw, more veggies, drinking some juices for few weeks, but I have also had meat, fat, sweets... And I'm a huge coffe-drinker. This part will probably be tough, as I can hardly function without the morning cup. Also I don't know yet how I'll manage the "cooking for family" issue, as I have hungry men at home every day. We'll live and see I think.

Ok, here I go. Keep an eye on me, will you?


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