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Date:   3/29/2006 8:06:40 PM ( 16 y ago)

Today is good. Yesterday was better after a bath, but today is good. After really figuring out that this is detox, and a good thing, I'm okay with it. Juices are going well, and hopefully we'll have a juicer by the weekend. I have a few that I'd like to put together!!
My support system is holding up really well. I explained to my oldest son what I'm trying to accomplish and he's promised to support and not tease, etc. My husband is awesome, even if he was called out of town for a few days!
My tongue is still fuzzy, my ears were ringing this afternoon--thankfully that has passed. Kids were great today! I had dinner at church tonight, brought my juice with me and survived no problem. I really can do this!
And that feels good. Exercise is still out for now, I feel pretty crummy and it's late again. Shooting for tomorrow night for certain. But quite honestly I packed on alot of muscle over the past few years and would not be heartbroken to lose some. I know that's awful, but there it is. What else will I want to remind myself of? Most of all that I can see a difference, mental and physical. Over the next time, after I feel better physically, I want to work on my relationship with Jesus. I've been lacking in the past couple/few months and want to spend some time getting back on track. It's important to me, He's important to me. I also need to have a better game plan for after the fasting. I like my vegetarian lifestyle, but would like to replace the white flour crap that I sometimes eat with good stuff. I think toward the end I'll focus on vegetarian eating (raw and cooked) but with the emphasis on just fruit and veg. It'll interest me to see where that goes.
I will measure inches tomorrow morning, and of course get on the scale again.
Glad I read to do a blog, this is pretty cool, and a first for me (and I tend to ramble!).

I can do this, and this is good!


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