Day 2....OMgosh by #58811 .....

day 2, determination, yucky stuff, and I can do this!! Lost 3#

Date:   3/28/2006 7:17:13 PM ( 16 y ago)

Day 2.....omgosh! Have to note here that I woke up feeling GREAT!! Tons of energy, loving the weight loss, and all was well. Right up until 1pm when my tongue coated, my head hurt, nausea started, tired set in. Dang!! It's working, doing exactly what is expected!! Dang!! I feel like crud!
It's 8pm now and the kids are running the house, my inlaws are in town--and are as supportive as can be--and although I feel cruddy, my mental determination has never been this strong! Yes. Goal one, self control, it's starting. I can do this.
Posted on the forum because I really needed to get some support. Totally received it, this place rocks!! Also received support from my husband, who with great glee looked at our 'expectation printout' and pointed out I was right where I was supposed to be (yay). Took a bath and that warmed me up.
Overall, I can do this.
Down side, won't be exercising again tonight. Feeling crummy, ppl here, long day. And from what I've read tomorrow may be ugly as well.
Not much else. Tomorrow is another killer kid day, daycare will be full all day. And maybe that's the hardest part, having to be on all day!
I'm very hopeful about doing this and feel like I'm right on track!!


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