Day 0.....looking to tomorrow by #58811 .....

starting a juice fast tomorrow. Nervous, and have never completed anything long before.

Date:   3/26/2006 10:02:42 PM ( 16 y ago)

Day 0 (zero): I really want to start this juice fast, but am not really ready. I'm afraid if I wait until it's a perfect environment with all I need it will never happen. I have trouble committing to long term projects (more than a month) and have yet to finish a diet, exercise program, or cleansing plan. I'm hoping and praying that with great focus and husband support (!) I can do this.
We haven't bought a juicer yet, looking at Friday if we can decide on one. But I bought a bunch of organic, sugar free, etc juice tonight and it's should be enough for tomorrow and Tuesday. Hopefully. I'll buy more before I run out.
I think, through the hours of reading, hours of prayer, and online support through the forums I really can do this. Last night I wrote down 10 goals. Some are mental focus issues, some are weight loss, and some are just finishing a goal. This week, Monday - Sunday, is my first measureable attempt. After that I'll see if I can continue or not, with future plans already in place. If I can find the fruit and get the juicer then I think I"m shooting for a 30 day juice fast ending in the MC with hubby. Moving after that into raw veg/fruit. We'll see after that.
I read on the forum to start a blog, so this is a first step. So far it's been interesting to see how I really haven't finished anything that I start for me. If it's for the kids (4 kids) or my husband I'm good to go, but for me--nope! This will be easier than a journal on paper, I keep tossing those out, starting over. And I think you really cannot do that online here!
I've been vegetarian for some time now after finally taking a stand against the cruelty to the animals, and the additives in the foods. So I'm ready. From a weight perspective I'm 5'5" and 162#. I'm looking at dropping about 37#. So the plan right now is to alternate veg juice with fruit juice every few hours while keeping on the 70oz water plan.
Sound wishy washy--it is. I know it is. But I'm hopeful that as I get over the first few days I'll be less wishy and more determined.
I'm praying for strength to get through and clarity in all areas!
Thank you ladies and gentlemen for the start, and a place to start....that is truely the first step, starting!


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