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Stress Makes Me Really Hungry!!

Date:   3/30/2006 3:26:23 PM ( 15 y ago)

I have discovered that stress really makes me want to eat. I have had a rough day and it has taken every bone in my body not to pick up something and put it in my mouth. AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

The airline ticket people...who ever they are.....charged my credit card/bank account twice. It took me fooooorrrr ever to get in touch with a live person. I was in tears. Who the ?>":">? will pay for bounced checks should they come in. Oh, I have been assured that they will credit back, but this may take a few business days. You know what that means, weekend is coming. Business days won't happen again till Monday.

Ok, I'm done venting.

Saltwater flush this morning. Not much production. I suppose I will have some tea tonight.
96 oz of Lemonade Drink, and I really like it hot....Yummmy
16 oz of distilled water

I feel depressed and anxious. I am hoping this will go away soon. I can't tell if this is part of the detox or am I just a CRAB!! My body is getting cold. It has been nice and warm outside all day. Think I will go and soak up some vitamin D rays.

Good News:
No pulling now for 10 days. Hair is growing back really good around the sides of my head, but not in the middle yet.



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