Day 5 by xebec75 .....

Day 5 of my Master cleanse

Date:   3/19/2006 1:26:47 PM ( 15 y ago)

Lost 2 or 3 more pounds.

Today was comparatively great. I got a book on AVEDA lifestyles or something with all kinds of holistic tricks and hints. So I put lavender oil on my pillow and massaged my stomach in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction {whichever was correct} this morning had a good poop and had no headaches today at all. I have been feeling some minor discomfort though. I had some pain in my gut {not hunger} some back pain {my friend Sum Wak Gop will have much to say I'm sure . . . he thinks I have the posture of Quasi Moto} I also had some minor skin eruptions {whiteheads around my lips[not herpes!]} but on the whole feeling good.

Today's Poop

Sorry today's isn't that different from the rest. I can't wait for all that . . . well . . . shit to be out of me. My tongue hasn't gotten coated yet. I wonder if I have messed up?Maybe tomorrow. My brother said my body odour had started up but that was just my sweater I'd been wearing for days.

(inner voice a la Jim Gaffigan) Gross. Doesn't this freakshow do laundry. Hygiene anyone?


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