Day 15: Geez, isn't it over yet? by moriquendi .....

I have a whole new respect for food.

Date:   3/7/2006 1:09:36 AM ( 16 y ago)

Okay.. 2 entire weeks and now it's getting monotonous. I've always considered myself to be somewhat blase about food. I could take it or leave it. I, again, have a whole new appreciation of the effect food has on my life.

I had to do a syrup/molasses combination again today. Tommorrow will be only molasses. Again, the BM thing happened. AND I had alot of energy when I got off work today. I think I may have to 'suck it up' and stay with the molasses. No matter how strong it is.

I'm not certain I'll last the week though. I'm quite excited about getting onto my new diet.

My detoxing symptoms were incredibly intense this morning. I had a terrible sore throat and sniffling all day. It's finally subsided but I do have a very slight headache right now.

I can feel my intestines rolling around and making funny noises. It's sort of similar to a champagne effect. It could be the fact that I've been drinking almost hot water tonight. I'll switch to the lax tea in about 20 minutes. I suspect the hot water is actually softening up whatever is 'down there'.

I'm also about to drop my pants. Honestly I had to dig out another belt to hold them up today!! And I was wearing a blouse that honestly is too big for me right now. And frankly I really can't afford to go shopping as I'm trying to save to go back to tech school in April so I can change my career in 2 years. Dang it all!! Gonna have to try some consignment stores.

The one thing I've noticed while on this cleanse which is rather nice, is that apart from the approx $10.00 a day this is costing me, I am saving an incredible amount of money. I don't spend $2.00+ on every cup of coffee a day. My lunches used to cost up up to $8.00 a day and then there was dinner. In short, food costs me over $20.00 a day. (It's expensive up here in Canada)

The other thing I've noticed is that my hands are incredibly dry. I suspect it's the cayenne pepper. I'n unsure what to do about that except use plenty of hand cream. Nothing else is dry, just my hands.

Anyway, I have to go make lax tea and then wind down for the rest of the night.

New weight: 181.5/169.5 -12 pounds (yay!!)


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