Day 9: OMG I have FINALLY felt the energy rush.. by moriquendi .....

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Date:   3/1/2006 1:40:16 AM ( 16 y ago)

It took all day to get there of course but I suspect that's symptomatic of the fact that I have to work at a job which no longer gives me satisfaction and I REALLY want out of there. But that's another topic for a different day.

Anyway I left work and managed to grocery shop, pay my taxes by telephone, talk to some bank who wanted to loan me some money, iron my Gi, wash my feet, brush my teeth, and change my clothes. All within 2 hours.

I am usually NOT that motivated.

But this evening has been AMAZING. Even Karate was a blast! Remembered all my kata and even managed to remember what I did last Thursday!

Normally I haven't been this energized through my last 3 cleanses. It just seemed to hit today. Although I suspect it's because I actually made all my 'feedings' today with blackstrap molasses instead of Maple Syrup.

I have decided to go back to Maple Syrup. That molasses, in that much quantity, is NASTY!! Although I have to admit that I have been BMing for more than usual today. I wonder if that too is a byproduct of the switch.

I think I will really up the cayenne pepper tomorrow to cut the syrup sweetness. I just don't have a sweet tooth, really. I even eat my Chocolate semi bitter. The only sweet stuff I indulged in was cider. I never use sugar or sugar-substitute in any of my food.

I have also decided that I really like coffee. When I go back to eating, I will stick with the Paleo diet BUT I will add coffee too. I only drink two cups a day anyway. There's been a lot of research that suggests that that amount MAY actually be beneficial.

My water intake is way down though. For some reason I just can't seem to get excited about drinking it. I suspect I'll have to do the hot water treatments again. I will drink hot water like it's going to disappear. But cold water I tend to stay away from.

Anyway, this is turning into a life story so I'm going to shut it down for the night.

Current weight: 173.5 (still) (this is weighed first thing in the morning, before the SWF, and right after my first elimination, in case anyone needs a reference).

I think bed is good now. 'Night!


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