Day 1: Feeling the burn.. by moriquendi .....

Day 1: Headaches galore...

Date:   2/20/2006 11:12:07 PM ( 16 y ago)

..of a low grade headache.

8 cups of lemons mixed with Blackstrap molasses. I'm not certain I like that combination so I'm going back to syrup.

I REALLY want some coffee.

This mornings SWF was a bit weird. I took today off from work (I'm in BC Canada so it's not technically a holiday) 'cause I knew I was doing this. I took the SWF at 8am and re-awoke at 10am but wasn't feeling too much movement. I suspect I have to up the salt a bit to get things going.

Anyway, I think part of my headache is this CONSTANT drone of olympic stuff these days. Not only do we have to hear everything about Turin, because I live in Vancouver, I have to hear about all the fact that WE'RE hosting it in 6 years.

I think I will just shut off the news.

So, I think I will go and have some tea. Maybe that'll help a bit.

Tomorrow should be interesting. I have to go to Karate after work. (And I'll be darned if I'm give THAT up!!)

Anyway, A bit of history in case anyone is reading. This will be my 4th time since last spring. 21 days the first time, and 14 days the next 2 times. I haven't set a goal time this time but I'm hoping I'll make it to mid March.


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