Day 9 - Yippee! by vegandanzer .....

Day 9 - Yippee

Date:   2/21/2006 10:15:10 PM ( 17 y ago)

I feel great! I have been late blogging today. I look forward to this, but it has been a non-stop day. Sheesh! Last nite, I just had to give myself an enema, I was reallly getting bitter ;). And apparently, it totally 'helped things along'. I lost 2 lbs. Yippee. I have made a firm decision to keep going to the 14 days and probably ease into a juice fast. I am real anxioius to start the parasite cleanse though, so will have to scour the forums once again.

Today, I talked to two different people about the MC and both are incredibly interested in it. So it will be good to have some 'live' buddies. Plus one of the was a raw foodie looking to get back, just like me. I ran into her as I was at Whole Foods picking up my lemons.

I will confess that b/c of my crazy day, I do not think I hit the minimum for the lemonade, I belive I am one glass short. I am drinking my peppermint tea right now b/c I needed something warm. I am trying the not eating after dark thing. But I needed a drink. I read somewhere not to drink/eat 2-3 hours before bed. Well, hopefully this won't have such a bad effect. It is only tea. What is my problem? I used to eat handfuls of almonds before bed b/c I had the munchies.

Got my Fit for Life 2 book out again...gotta start living those principles again. Great book if you haven't read it. Plus, I am going to start doing my rebounder again. My son loves to jump on it and my dog loves to sleep on it. It's my turn now...

Blessings and Love -

V. Danzer

P.S. Got my sprouting going ytdy. Did rye in the 'sproutman' bag and the oat groats in my Freshlife sprouter. Things tend to sprout 25% to 50% quicker. Great investment if you can get one!


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