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Day 2-getting there

Date:   2/14/2006 7:49:02 PM ( 17 y ago)

Ok, you know what I did to keep myself on the right track? I am a total geek and fired up Excel and make daily checklists. So I go along my list, mark off what I had to drink, 1-10 btw. I have made it to 6 and I am just not wanting anymore. I have to workout, meditate and drink my teas. So I think it's working. I just haven't worked out yet because of my knee injury. I can't take it, going to work through the pain tomorrow because I know the lemon is healing by joins! Right! Apparently, I function better with a list in front of me, ya know, I am obsessive, compulsive and I have to complete the list! (would be happy to share the file if anyone else is OC like me) :D

OMG my dad brought me over my most FAVORITE snack in the world for V-Day, Banana Crisps from Trader Joe's!!!! Is he trying to kill me? Yes, they are not raw(like Banana's Flattened), but they are more 'potato chippy' in texture, but way less calories than regular banana chips. 240 cals for the whole bag, did I mention I was obsessive? I have to hide those in a bin in my garage? He brought me 6 bags last week!!!! Those have been my downfall. But I highly recommend those! YUM!!!! But I will have to give those up if I am going RAW! So I digress...

Went to the toilet like EVERY hour on the hour today, so I am confident that my fast is well on its way. I am still craving the 'chewing' aspect...I read somewhere someone has thought of chewing something and spitting it out. Well, I refer to it as "CNS" -chew 'n spit- I will confess I have done it...sounds like an eating disorder to me...which I have bouts with bulemia in a past life.

But am excited about becoming raw again, gonna fire up my sprouter and dehydrate some essene bread...should be ready by the time I get off the fast...

Ciao for now!


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