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Your thoughts, your emotions, and your beliefs have you where you are today. How important are your dreams? When did life and the world become more important than your dreams? What to genes have to do with it all?

Date:   2/9/2006 7:08:37 AM ( 17 y ago)

Now this thinking is outside the box of convention. However sometimes, we must step outside convention. Why? Well ask yourself what convention has to offer and where it has got you so far in your pursuit of happiness, bliss, peace and security?

Ok. Basically what I'm saying is that with convention, you get conventional results.

For instance, you have cancer, you go to the doctor and he has 2 conventional options, chemeotherapy, in the form of either drugs and or radioactive therapy. However, what if, outside convention you had a variety of options that you never even dreamed possible that yeilded unconventional results, such as a cure rate percentage that you never thought possible.

Now who ever told you that you had to reside within the confines of convention and become a societal robot. You must start thinking for yourself and understand what your thinking has caused you to become. Primarily, your thinking and your emotions and your endless programs and feedback loops of think, do, feel have got you to where you are now in your life.

In order to change your life, basically in a nutshell, you must change your thinking.
Easy ha? Not so, because with change, you have everthing to lose as far as your body and subconscious are concerned. But, let's leave that for another discussion. I'd like to use this particular section for how your thoughts and emotions have determined your mental state.

Now I hear people all the time play the victim of genetics. Oh, it's genes. It's a genetic problem. Nothing can be done. Well, I find it rather disturbing, yet exciting, that when the human genome project was complete, we as humans, are only using 1% or so of our total gene potential. I wont go into scientific terminologies and discussions here. Basically what I want people to understand that it is not your genes that have caused you to be where you are, but your emotions and your attitude.

Yes, if someone has a genetic propensity towards a disease, they are more likely to get that disease. Because of genes? A roll of the dice? A chance? I say no. I believe, and you will see more studies done on this in the future, that it is not the genes that cause the disease, it is our emotions and our thoughts and attitudes that push the buttons and trigger genetic propensities to manifest in our bodies as physical problems.

Ever wonder why 2 workers can work in an abestos factory, 2 healthy males, yes one of them dies of lung cancer at 40 and the other one lives to 80 without any health problems? Interesting isn't it?

These are the types of things I would like to discuss in this blog. Have yourself a damn good day and I hope to light a fire under your ass and instill some positive hope in you and let you know that you are in control, contrary to popular belief and I'd like to leave this today with asking yourself one question. What is it you want to change? What if, what if you knew, with a simple daily applied method, you could have that change occur in your life. With a simple short daily discipline of 10 minutes, you could be on your way to having everything that you desire.

Then, finally, ask yourself this. When did the worldly %#&!-become more important than your dreams? How important are your dreams to you? Are you going to let stress and life get in the way?

Think about that today.


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