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Raw v's SAD, the differences for me.

Date:   1/28/2006 12:03:43 PM ( 17 y ago)

Join me as I go back to 100% Raw. I was there, and I LOVED it. Easier, better, healthier, more beautiful, more energy and the best and easiest and most PERMANENT weight loss. I have severe endometriosis and in the year I lived raw I had NO symptons, no flare ups, no bleed outs, and within weeks of going 100% NO PAIN.

Why did I leave...stupidity, lack of courage, laziness.

I am a married mother of two. I am the only RAW in my home. My daughter is essentially vegetarian...I call her a flexatarian...she still wants a cheeseburger...I know...UGH. My husband and son eat what I cook or UNCOOK. Mostly without complaint. It is my hope that as I get back into my Raw lifestyle,my family will follow suit....I won't make the mistake of talking to them about it this time though..I will just do it.

The benefits are obvious.

My children are teenagers. I am not supposed to be able to have anymore children, after a few months as a vegan (not raw) except for caffeine and aspartame, and a weight loss of about 25 pounds I became pregnant. Unfortunately, I miscarried, cause: could have been anything... after much research, I predominantly, blame my diet soda habit...my doctor said the miracle was that I ever became pregnant at all...EVERYTHING was against this happening. Also, said that the fetus never implanted properly, likely due to endometrial implants...I also consider the possibility that as I transistioned to a healthier diet and my body was rejecting these "implants" that my body did not recognize the baby as being anything other than yet another mass of endometrial tissue.

In general, 2004-2005 was a stressful period in my life. The miscarriage, post partum depression, troubles with my teenagers, ex husbands, gossip, employment, most everything that can stress a person out happened in my life.

In spite of this, I followed the raw diet for about a year. My diet based mostly on extensive research on the internet, and a small collection of books, DVDs, etc that I have amassed,(will list links and references soon.) THis is the healthiest I have EVER felt. People commented frequently on how good I am looking...what is YOUR secret....one lady accused me of "making a pact with the devil," over my weight loss (55 pounds)and much more youthful look as well as general health and appearance. I think without the improved dietary habits, I would have been far worse off, and I am not sure I would have survived, not without being committed to the asylum.

In November, 2005, I lost my dear grandfather. This was a camel's back kind of thing for me. I became ill. I know now, that I was experiencing a "healing crisis," best described by Victoria Boutenko in her book, 12 steps to Raw. I returned to my family home to help with the funeral and other needs. My grandmother passed while I was there...about six weeks apart. I stayed on for another four weeks..

My relationship with my parents, my mother in particular has been rocky. No one in my family understands my lifestyle, religion, diet, etc. It seemed easier to eat as they did rather than rock the boat. This meats...as much as I could tolerate...not easy.I have ethical as well as health considerations. I cannot tolerate SAD (Standard American Diet.)

I payed the price. My allergies returned with a vengence. I could not breath. I am hypoglycemic, my blood sugar alternated between skyrocketing or bottoming out. I slept every night with a heating pad to ensure that I could move the next day, without my hips and pelvis seizing up on me, from endometriosis. I had terrible cramps, my menstrual period while there was HORRIBLE, in terms of bleeding outrageously, cramping, blating and general pain. I took pain and allergy meds for the first time in over a year, my asthma returned. I had to purchase a new inhaler...my old one was out of date, having not been used in over a year. I could not breathe. I had two migraines while there. One required medication that knocked me out for several hours. I had several days that I just lay around and did nothing, but listen to my mother complain. I spent two days in bed literally. I gained about ten pounds.

Finally, about a week before I returned home...I said enough...I had agreed to help my mother with a presentation she was making in her organization...and a continental breakfast was being served...I did fruit trays, a "raw" breakfast "danish" style cake. I made myself some almond milk and started drinking fresh juice. By the NEXT morning I was feeling better again. I was able to use the bathroom with out taking a fiber supplement. I lost 2.5 pounds overnight. LITERALLY.

The day I arrived home, I had a detox or healing crisis. My endo flared again, I had a headache much like one gets in fasting. But so glad to be home and the crisis only lasted about 12 hours.

I have been home back twelve days now....not doing one percent raw the entire time, but entirely vegetarian...not good enough...allergies again, but no endo. My face did this horrid break out thing. I dropped aobut five pounds but still not all of the ten pound gain I made while at my family home.

Three days ago I made the break, back to 100% RAW. My weight immediately jumped up 3.8 pounds...I experienced this phenomena the first time I went 100% raw as well...it is temporary. Skin is clearing, more energy.

Yesterday, another fasting detox type headache. My ears were stopped up and nothing would alleviate it. I had a sinus type pain underneath and behind my eyes. I refused to take anything, made some herbal (hand dried)sun tea, drank it warm from the sun and ate raw.

Today, my nose is running like crazy...but I have been congested for over a month. I feel great. Very energized. Excited, enthusiastic. Glad to be raw again. As of this morning I have lost 1.4 pounds. I expect this trend to continue.

I will be presenting recipes and tips, information links and other references as I build this blog. Please check back. And please do consider joining me in the raw lifestyle. You will never regret it. Be your most beautiful and healthy self...she is in there...LVING to get out!!!


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