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Awareness is the key....any kind of “Authority” imposed on you is doomed to failure

Date:   2/16/2006 6:26:52 PM ( 16 y ago)

BLOG 3. 9TH Feb 2005

Why diets rarely work

Dieting is all too frequently a self-defeating venture, causing a cycle of miserable yo yo dieting. You cheat on your diet, feel depressed, eat something to ostensibly cheer yourself up, and you feel you have cheated again on and on ad nauseum! Sadly sometimes literally.

I maintain that any kind of “Authority” imposed on you is doomed to failure, and this includes dieting! To demonstrate this let’s use the well worn saying “don’t think of a pink elephant” – what do you do? You can’t help it, you immediately think of a pink elephant! So, if you see a list of banned foods you think about it and want it! Diets also do not consider the rest of us, our minds and spirits. If you restrict your food intake you need to make up for it with personal development work, positive mind work, otherwise you are doomed to failure.

That is why on my Yoga for Slimmers regime we look at the whole of your life and over a series of 10 week sessions we look at various aspects of your life and adjust it if necessary to make you feel better in yourself, to make your life better, to heal anything in the past, to empower you and then you know that you will succeed in the future – whether that is eating healthily or generally in your life and relationships.

Another factor in this is that I firmly believe that the body knows what it needs to eat at any given time. Look at the ancients, they would know intuitively what plants to eat, what would heal at a certain time and what would not suit them. They were connected to their body wisdom which can guide you in what you need – even animals nowadays, my cat will eat grass when it needs to be sick. We can gain that awareness back, by doing yoga. Yoga will bring back your awareness and re-connect you to your body wisdom. Awareness is the key. When you are awareness you will not reach for unhealthy junk foods because you will be sensitive to the fact that they make you feel bloated, out of sorts and generally dull and lethargic. When you eat foods which are filled with life energy you will feel fantastic and you will lose weight naturally. These foods are generally ones grown in the sun, so mainly vegetables. Have half your plate filled with raw or lightly cooked vegetables and you will succeed. When I used to diet I used to feel deprived I was always told “have a small plate”, I disagree have a big beautiful plate and spread your food out, make it a work of art, so that you feel how fortunate you are to be eating well of beautiful natural foods, part of nature.

So diets don’t work, if they did why are there so many people who are obese?
Become aware of your own inner authority and you will succeed in everything. Don’t just survive with your healthy slimming eating regime, thrive and enjoy, turn yo yo dieting into ho ho dieting!

Namasté and love.


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