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Date:   1/26/2006 2:12:24 AM ( 16 y ago)

Weight Loss a Different Way – 22nd January

My life’s work is to help women lose weight, in a fun way, a pleasurable way (impossible I hear you say!); (Not true, think again I say!) I have a book out – Yoga for Slimmers, now selling in 9 languages. My name is Celia Hawe.
I help people to slim at all 3 levels – body, mind and spirit, and without working on all 3, you will never lose weight effortlessly and permanently.
So as I tread the precarious path of weight management I will share my path with you, some of it funny, some of it enlightening, we will have fun together - and in my antics you will find words of wisdom, which I so hope will help and support you. I have been a professional dieter for 35 years, have tried every diet available, owned and operated a health and fitness club, qualified yoga teacher of over 25 years (that’s why I felt OK about calling myself the weightloss guru), but of course I am not better or cleverer than you, a guru is merely to help people dispel darkness, in my case the darkness of feeling the wrong size and feeling ill because of the inability to be in control of what you are eating, and I am also a professional life coach with 25 years in the personal development field , so I think I have something to share and offer.

I will be here to support and be with you along the way.
The pain of overweight can be transformed, as can the overweight, but to me dieting of course is not the answer, but a change of lifestyle and a change of attitude, slimming starts in the mind. Our thoughts determine our success (or otherwise), that’s why yoga is wonderful for weight loss, slow yoga, yoga that, performed with thought changing affirmations as I have pioneered in my special system, will change your awareness and also your life. You will become successful not only in achieving your desired weight but also in your life generally, it’s like a life makeover and losing weight is just a part of the outcome. I will talk more about this in the weeks to come.

Today I have a focus, and that focus is hunger and to be aware when I eat, how I eat and why I eat. In the past I ate because I THOUGHT I was hungry, but you know I rarely was. In the Western world we rarely are hungry, but we fear it, and maybe that is why we overeat because we fear being hungry. But you know it’s quite good to feel hungry sometimes (of course not if you are in a country where being hungry means starvation and possibly death). Feeling hungry means that you have digested all your food and are ready for the next lot. If we keep piling food into ourselves before the stomach is empty we never can really digest our food property. Which of course is essential for a healthy well functioning body, which metabolised food effectively? So the next time you hear a grumbling tummy feel positive and think “great I’m hungry, that means I am even at the present moment losing unnecessary fat and my body will be digesting my food for optimum nutrition

Try eating a little less at mealtimes. I like to use a big attractive plate and spread my food out – then my mind thinks it’s getting a lot of food. The mind is so important in weight management, but more of that in my future bloggs.

Here’s an exercise you can do right now, before every meal, put your hand on your tummy and gauge your hunger level (1 is ravenous) Aim to be a 3, 2 or 1, then place your hand on your tummy towards the end of the meal and gauge again (10 is very full), aim to finish eating when you are at a 7. So think about hunger, are you fearful of it, maybe your parents were hungry in a war, maybe you were, Perhaps your parents always told you to finish your meal, even though you were full. Maybe there is another message about hunger in you, think about what it is now. Perhaps it is time for that tape in your mind to be wiped clean, give it a new message, a healthy one which will bring about the slim lean body that you were meant to be.
And remember, if I can do it, so can you.


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