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Stats - weight to start, last time, so far. Exercise & diet habits. Expectations.

Date:   1/25/2006 8:34:19 AM ( 17 y ago)

It's day 3 and I haven't been flushing enough out, not enough BM's. I did get the 'Get Regular' tea to drink last night but it was too hot to drink when I layed down so I fell asleep w/o drinking it. Now I'm afraid all the toxins are just sitting in me and going to be reabsorbed. So - I am doing the dreaded salt water flush this morning. Taking the onerous concoction right now. I didn't do it yesterday or the day before because I needed to clean and have productive mornings those days. I know this thing is going to lay me up for a couple of hours.

Some stats: Within the past year my weight got up to over 190. Last time I did the cleanse for 10 days I went from 177 on day 1 (but it was just after Thanksgiving so a few pounds were feasting) down to 163. I have been good with diet and exercise and even after the holidays I was maintaining between 165-7. The scale said 165 day 1 this time around. Day 2: 163. Day 3: 162.

(Note: Wow, this concoction isn't as awful as I remember. It used to make me vomit every time I drank it. Maybe it's b/c I'm using sea salt - I was using regular salt and too much of it besides last time but then I bought sea salt do do a liver flush.)

On day 1 this time I did 20min. on the elliptical in the morning and did a very vigorous, intense cleaning of my entire bedroom. On day 2 I did 30min. on the elliptical in the morning, did an intense cleaning of my walk-in closet, and went to a beginners ballet class. Today, day 3 I did 40min. on the elliptical.

Honestly I only used the elliptical twice all of last week for short times each use. I'm working out more now that I'm doing the cleanse than I was before. My energy is much better. What does that say about my eating habits? They did improve after the first cleanse and I find that I work best with a bowl of cereal with fruit in the morning and a lunch. Still, I haven't gotten into the habit of consistency with eating. My eating pattern is totally erratic too often. I feel that after the first it got the bad foods out and I expect that after this one I will be able to do it on a consistent timeframe.

I don't have anything too vigorous planned today, a lot of work I have been procrastinating with b/c my house was unorganized. Sometimes I just can't work when there's too much to do around the house. Hope I kicked that out of me these last two days and now can get stuff done. The only major project to start today is my filing - just got a new filing cabinet, the first I've ever had and I didn't realize how much of my stuff should be in files!

Good luck everyone.


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