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juice fasting. Insane master cleanse. Stop smoking. Marijuana usage ceased.

Date:   1/23/2006 1:48:53 AM ( 17 y ago)

The insane master cleanse!

I am extremely excited to embark on this master cleanse of my life. I will be documenting my progress throughout and will post pictures on an additional blog. If you would like to add commentary to my other blog here is the url. Thanks for the input!

I weigh 214: My bodyfat is 27.5%: Goals. Weigh 190 by Feb 22, 06. Get my bodyfat % down to 18%.

I will be juice fasting for 30 days as well as taking multiple supplements to rid myself of parasites and to provide proper bowel cleansing. I want to get rid of all the plaque mucoid in my bowels very badly. I hate those dang parasites too. Im only 24 and feel I should have more energy. I want to get rid of my smoking cravings (cigarettes and marijuana). Thanks for checkin out the blog and I hope to have some great input from all of you.


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