wieght is returning by ausjulie .....


Date:   6/13/2007 1:06:25 PM ( 16 y ago)

im feelign rather depressed i have gained 15 pounds, ive gone up at least one clothing size close to two. after so many months of being so thin it is really hard for me to love myself when i look and feel like this. i have to get back on track. i am over eating over drinking and underexercising. i know what i need to do but for some reason i am just not doing it.
i want to be able to be a healthy weight for life not just a year. i still am within a healthy range but i just feel really lumpy and soft. i much prefer the tight lean feeling i had only a few months ago.
ok plan is to reclaim my body. i just have to commit and do it.
i guess it wouldnt be a worthwhile journey without the ups and downs.


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