day 3 of ???? by ausjulie .....

mmmm a little over it already!

Date:   5/2/2007 11:41:52 PM ( 16 y ago)

today was ok i felt fine physically, a little tired due to another bad night of sleeping. hopefully tonight will be better. bm's today were a little too much so not taking oxypowder tonight. for those of you who have trouble with elimination during fasts i cannot speak highly enough of oxypowder. althought you have to find the right dose for you. i guess i am pretty clean from all my fasting last year and i really dont need to take too much of it and im on the toilet all day. so i will take it in smaller doses and every second night now.

felt like giving in around 5 pm today but made it thru. it's not that im hungry just a little bored with the juice thing. mornings are always better for me than nights while fasting. i wake up and think yeah ill go another day but at night i always feel like finishing. i always make the decision to stop fastign in the morning when im feeling good rather than the evening.

another thing im struggling with is not knowing how long i want to fast for. if i had set a goal at the start i would have that in mind to achieve - if i said i wanted to do 10 days or 14 days and committed to it i think i would find it easier. im very goal orientated with fasting and dont like to give up. i guess the main reason i didnt set a goal this time is because im not sure its really something i want to do or more so something i want to work at. this is my first fast since august last year. i felt like i had to do it rather than i was ready to do it....mmmm... ill see how tommorrow goes. next time i fast i have to set a definate goal test myself and get thru it. commit to it from the start. i will get thru tommorrow but i think that will be it.

weigth 136pd, i do feel lighter in the stomach which is nice.


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