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Date:   4/27/2006 1:18:08 PM ( 16 y ago)

4 pounds gone since last week so now up to a total of 49 pounds lost. i feel amazing like a totally different person. i still have some to go but so proud of myself for the nearly 50 and total lifestyle changes and im sure the reamainding 10 will come off. i wanted it gone by my birthday which is in 3 weeks but im not putting pressure on myself if its gone its gone if not im sure it will soon after.
the 4 pounds is due mainly to lots of juicing and pretty much raw the rest of the time. from wednesday last week i juiced wed, thurs, raw friday, one cooked meal saturday nite, raw sunday and juice mon, tues, wed. i really wanted to get below 150 but i sit at 151 today. so next week hopefully will see the 150's out of site. mmm then i am meant to get off the scales...well that was last weeks goal???? we wil see!!

the one cooked meal i ate on saturday was a piece of grilled steak (small) and a few steamed asparagus. sunday morning i woke up fine and then about 10 am had a handful of raw nuts about 2 hours later i had the worst stomach ache. it continued much into monday which is the main reason i went back to juice to give my digestion a rest. this is not the first time this has happened to me and now i am really tryin to work out what is going on. i have posted before that it is the protein but now im wondering if it is the fat in the nuts????? i have eaten both protein and nuts seperately and felt fine but maybe the combination of the two is too much?????? anyway i decided to contact the wellness coach i have talked about before. john rose from houston.

i didnt meet with him just discussed over the phone so he just gave me some tips rather than true professional advice. he discussed many things it could be but one of them is that maybe my body is telling me to go raw. i think this is the case but im not willing to. i know raw is the way to go but for me it is an extreme way to live and i dont want to/not ready to. im not that far into my evolution yet! i still want to enjoy many of the meals my family adn i love to eat. not all the time and definately not the same quantities but i still want that as an option. so i have to fix this problem. the stomach pain has been so severe before that i seriously considered going to the emergency room. i was doubled over on the bathroom floor in tears. and i dont like pain. luckily it passed. anyway john suggested i do a parasite clean adn maybe a liver flush. taht in fact it may be my gallbladder/liver that is reacting to the fat in nuts rather than the protein. also to try a probiotic. so i am on paragone and a probiotic defense somehting. i am aslo ordering a herb chandra peiadra or somethign like that. this is meant to help break down the stones in gallbladder liver kidney wherever it is that they hang out.

so my new plan is to finish the paragone (30 days), take the probiotic, take the herb adn then do a liver cleanse/flush near end of may. im rather nervous about the liver cleanse but i will give most things a go at least once. i am goign to continue to juice half the week, raw the rest and try not to eat too much cooked food. maybe slowly introduce small amounts. i dont feel like i am lacking in any vitamins or mineral actually physcillay never felt better but i am bored with food and would like to eat the occasioanl meal that i prepare for my family. so hopefully i can work this stomach issue out. oh and by the way i had recieved pretty much the same advice from the wellness coach as i did from a fellow curezone member so thanks very much teleskier i really appreciate your advice adn i hope i can make it work. i will just be contacting you in future! ha!

as far as the exercise routine goes i had wrote last message that it was gettign tough. i really think the main thing was the weather here in houston has been disgusting. hot hot humid ycuk. when i would run i was hot a ball of sweat and not liking it at all. i usually dotn like it anyway but add in the heat and i was really struggling. so i have added swimming. we are lucky enought to have a pool in our back yard it is too small to do laps so i tied myself onto the ladder with somehtign like a bundgee cord and now i can swim in one spot. nto sure what the neighbour would think but it works for me. i can only swim for 15/20 mins but plan to build this up to 30 min. then i can run for 30 min and swim for 30. i think i can handle the heat for 30 min but the hour was really draining me. i am also trying to increase the strengh conditioning particularl for my abdominals. i have lost a fair bit of wieght i can fit into lots of clothes but i have a tummy overhang. so it needs to be toned up. i use an exercise dvd to motivate me. i absolutely detest these exercise "fun with kath' is the name of my dvd and i hate kath with a passion and have very little fun i actually find myself yelling abuse at kath and her smiliy friendly girls who all have taught tight bellys. but hopefuly i will eventually be able to complete the work out and too have a smaller tummy. sorry kath!

so here is my week plan:
thurs: raw, run hour, kath
fri: raw, swim 30 min run 30 min, kath
sat: raw, small cooked meal (prob veggies) day off exercise
sun: raw, walk 45 min
mon: juice, run 30 min, swim 30 min swim, kath
tues: juice, run 30 min, swim 30 min, kath
wed: juice/raw??? step aerobic 45 min, kath

that should see the 140's come around
so heres to a great week everyone


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