5 weeks post fast by ausjulie .....

or should i say day 2 of new fast???????????

Date:   3/15/2006 8:14:55 PM ( 16 y ago)

i lost another 2 pound this week which i am happy about. yesterday i decided to juice for the day just to see how it went, well today i have done the same again. so now im wondering should i just keep going and start the second fast or what?? well im not sure my dilema is this: i feel like i am developing a really good relationship with food and consumption in general, my last post really reminds me of this. i dont want to lose site of this important step but i knew i had it in me because really most of my life i was like this - its just the last 6 years and particularly last 3 i have really not looked after myself. so i dont want to fast and have to build this up again. when i came off the 30 juice fast honestly i was a bit of a mess. when it came to eating i had to actually give myself permission to eat even fruit or raw veggies. but im good now im in control.

but i really want to lose the rest of this weight. my birthday is in middle of may (yes i am a bull thats where the stubborness comes from) adn i would like to give mysefl the present of my goal weight. juicing is the fastest way to get there. when i started the fast i was 200 pounds. i am now 166. i am only 5'4'. my goal weight is around 140 but if i feel good once i get below 150 im not going to stress if 140 comes or not.

but im not sure so i will just go day by day and see how i feel. today i feel good, pretty cold but not sure if that is becasue weather has gotten cold or from fasting. white stuff on tongue and BM's slowed right down again. will have to give oxypowder a go tonite. bit of a neck ache and feel really tired. i will take tommorrow as a new day and make my decisions each morning. 3 days, 4 days, 7 or 10 are the possibilities.

changing my lifestyle has been like breathing life into me. not just about my outside appearance, its about feeling healthy and looking after myself and feeling lite and free and fitting into jeans. i love how i can sit in a chair now and not have to get up or move around every few minutes because i am so uncomfortable or have a sore back. i love how i dont eat just because there is food infront of me. i feel stronger and more like me. i think that people who have been overweight will know what i mean.


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