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Help me figure out what's wrong with me!

Date:   12/6/2005 9:36:29 AM ( 16 y ago)

Ever since I was diagnosed with this...thing. I have become obsessed with figuring out what caused it and how I can cure it, naturally. The thought of having my gallbladder removed from my body just doesn't sit well with me.
I was never one to eat a lot of fats, fried food or junk food. I have low cholesterol and I drink a ton of water every day, so you can imagine my surpise at being told, I have gallbladder disease at age 29.
As I started traveling for work on a weekly basis, my problems intensified. Eating out and having less control over my diet was causing me to have attacks 2-4 times a week, where previously I only had attacks once or twice a month (usually after eating out-never from eating at home). This lead me to finally ask my doctor about this weird problem I have of getting nauseous after eating out. I would wake up in the middle of the night with horrible pain, sweating, cramping, chills, etc.
After years of getting sick and having what my mother called a "nervous stomach", I finally had a doctor who was good enough to send me for first an Upper GI and then an ultra sound. The ultrasound finally gave me the answer-numerous gallstones. The cure my doctor gave me was-yank it out. The gallbladder that is.
Somewhere in my quest for answers, and a desire to somehow avoid surgery, I found curezone and read about these liver/gallbladder flushes. A lot of the things I have read make sense. I have had terrible allergies since the age of 13. While I have never been one to eat fried foods, I have always loved dairy: skim milk, cheese, yogurt. A few years ago, determined to lose weight, I discovered Atkins. It was the only thing that really worked for me. Not being one to eat a lot of fat, I avoided a lot of red meat, bacon and that type of stuff. I did however, cut out breads, pasta, and fruit juices. I also replaced almost all of my diet soda intake with water. The weight I lost was great, but besides that, my allergies virtually disappeared. For one reason or another, I could not stick with Atkins, and while I have maintained my weight loss, I have not been able to lose any additional weight. I kept most of the healthy habits I developed with Atkins (still drink mostly water and avoid most processed/refined foods). I wonder though, if my Atkins days created my gallbladder problems? I did eat a lot of eggs on Atkins...
Before discovering I had a diseased gallbladder, I often went to bed sick to my stomach. I would not always wake up in the middle of the night sick, but I wouldn't feel right either. Once I got the diagnosis, I cut out almost all fats. Except for olive oil for cooking or on salads and nuts. I have been eating mostly fresh fruit in the mornings, lean meats and cooked veggies and lots of home made soup(which have also lessened the runny nose I usually have in the morning and allowed me to ween off my flonase some what) I have not gone to bed with an upset tummy since...until last night.
Ahhh...due to all my lovely allergies and the oodles of backed up fluid in my ears from the constant flying for my job, my doctor has me on Allegra, sudafed and flonase. They keep it controlled to some degree, but I still have allergy attacks, asthma and pain in my ear almost every day. Hence my visit to CVS last night for a refill of Allegra. Ahh, CVS. Bad place for me, especially when their chocolate covered almonds are on sale. I just wanted a few, which I had. I also had my first tummy ache in weeks, when I went to bed last night. Lo and behold I woke up with the stuffiest nose I have had in awhile. Somehow I think the wheat chex (in almond milk) I had for breakfast didn't really help. I am loathe to blame the chocolate, so I will also say that I had to eat dinner out last night. I ordered scallops. They came with mashed potatoes (which I didn't eat) and veggies (which I did eat).


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