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Date:   12/12/2005 5:45:51 PM ( 16 y ago)

Since the last time I posted I am down a few pounds. 17 to go to goal. I think I will make it but it is getting tougher and tougher. I spent an hour on the treadmill tonight - ran 45 minutes of the time and lifted for about 20 mins. Being healthy is a lot of work. I feel good when I am done with the workouts but getting to the gym is a huge struggle for me. When I come home from work I spend a good hour talking myself in to going and sometimes I sit in the parking lot when I get there dreading going in. Why do I do this when I know it feels so good once I get started? I give a lot of credit to all you fit people who workout everyday and have the discipline that I sometimes feel I am lacking. Anyway the weight loss is really slow at this point - I am losing a pound about every two to three days. I wish it was faster but I keep telling myself the days will pass no matter what and I mine as well be a pound smaller then stay the same or even gain. I feel like I broke through a plateau I have been at for quite a while. It seems I was losing and gaining the same 10 pounds for months now I am consistently below that weight and even when I have a slight gain my weight is still well below that weight I was stuck at for so long. Feeling good if not a little impatient - I wish there was a magic pill - but then I guess there would be no lessons learned and life would not be as satifying.


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