November 8- Day 1: It's a Beautiful Day! by Evie .....

First day of weightloss journey.

Date:   11/8/2005 10:53:19 AM ( 16 y ago)

My name is Evie, I am a 36 year old mom of two sons. I lost 40 pounds over a year ago. A book written by Marilou Henner inspired me. I was raised a lacto ovo vegetarian, after I read Marilou's book I decided to take it up a notch to become a vegan and elimate all refined sugers from my diet. I lost 40 pounds, fairly easy, then the holiday season came along with my mother-in-law...who has an even bigger sweet tooth than I do... Anyway, I told myself I would just eat crapy while she was visiting. She controls the meals and I don't want to hurt her feelings. But then stressful situations arose one right after and I emotionally ate my way through them. Thus losing all my hard work. Since it has been a year ago that I lost my way, I thought I would make a personal commitment to pickup and start over. Promising myself, that I will commit the next year to being healthy. I have always wanted to try the raw food lifestyle. Here is my chance.

My goal goals for the next year:

Weightloss goals:

Current weight: 240
Goal 1: 200
Goal 2: 170
Goal 3: 140

Exercise goals:

Goal 1: be able to walk 5 miles without getting tired or panting.
Goal 2: Learn Pilates
Goal 3: Exercise minimum 5 out of 7 days

Personal goals:

Goal 1: Spend more time with my kids
Goal 2: Find a job
Goal 3: Reconnect with long lost friends
Goal 4: Find out who I really am and what I want in life.

Daily Goals:

Each day I will chose a goal to complete for that day that will help with the above goals.


So far today I have had

2 pieces whole wheat toast
1 orange
1 Extra Large Pear


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