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Chavez-Iran create a new dynamic of co-operation against USA Tactics of globalism

Date:   9/20/2006 1:32:17 PM ( 15 y ago)

Resistance to the American intervention into other nation's around the world has reached new levels of cooperation between affected and interested nations.

Venezuela and Iran sign agreements on a huge new oil project in South America,
and also Belarus signs a $1Billion military cooperation agreement with Venezuela.

Summed up in the Venezuelan newspaper about the opposition to Bush Regime agenda:
"the rapid, aggressive expansion of the global fascist threat that darkens the very globe, that shakes the very existence of Venezuela, Iran and Cuba, the very foundations of mankind in totality."

These nations do hold some impressive cards in this epic battle of political titans.
Mostly, as allways anymore, oil is a big factor. America would be struggling if their oil supply was cut, and Iran alone can make the difference. This quote is from an article about sanctions on Iran for making nuclear fuel:
"it is almost certain that Iran would react to any UN or coalition-of-the-willing sanctions by cutting oil exports by at least 50%, driving oil prices above $100 per barrel, with Americans paying close to $5 a gallon (about $1.30 per liter) for gasoline; a total stoppage of Iranian oil exports (3.2 million barrels per day) would drive oil prices above $150 per barrel, with Americans paying $6-$7 a gallon ($1.60-$1.85 a liter) for gasoline."
http://www.truthout.org/docs_2006/091906L.shtml {see 2nd article on this page]

So, together, Venezuela and Iran could create a major problem for Bush if they need to. And they really want to, they are squiriming with glee at the thought of bringing Bush and the American imperialism to its knees. But they also know it would mean a potential global war with nuclear bombs and all the military might of the USA going off all at once. So, they don't do anything, yet. The threat is enough, unspoken as it is.

There is a peacefull and cooperative way to satisfy all these nation's squabbles and power-plays. The United Nations is there to do that, to find that way. All these nations are meeting there in NYC, at the UN, today, all week. [Sept 19 2006]

Chavez spoke today, and he did not hold back in his critisizm of the USA foreign policy, and of Bush.

Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, also spoke there.

They are strange bedfellows, as the saying goes. Iran's leader has repeated their desire "to wipe Israel off the map", and thats not going to help reduce the tensions or find a way to resolve the world crisis between the USA and the rest of the world. Chavez has not commented in Israel.

Iran's right to build nuclear energy, and a bomb for that matter, does not NEED to be a big concern to America, not if they would stop pissing Iran off, not if they were not allways fighting. How can they accompish this? - The USA could reduce its dependance on fossil fuels, and oil imports from Iran, and therefore not be so inseecure about oil supply.

Insecurity, from one thing or another, is becoming the primary factor in all these disputes. America could reduce its fossil fuels use right now, there are alternatives basically barking at the door to get in. American leadership resists them, because they make so much money from keeping America dependant on crude oil. Almost all the big money in this world does. And they are fighting as hard as they can to keep it that way, so other players do not get a foot in the door, so they do not lose their comfortable monopoly in the energy industry.

Shortages of oil create high prices. When oil was at $20bbl, these Elite Wealthy of the world had it good. At $80bbl, they are ecstatic, and at $150 bbl they are truly King of the World, gulping in ALL the savings and earnings of all the little money people who need to buy gasoline for their vehicles with the one fuel used in combustion engines. "The Poor continue to be a great source of wealth" [Rockerfeller quote].

What a farce it is to speak of "market forces" when things are so manipulated!!oil prices go up when supply is low, but there is LOTS of oil, with two new HUGE wells found, announced just this month. So, they arrange refinming problems, they create political troubles and actually HOPE Iran stops supplying OPEC with oil - remember the $150/bbl forcast by experts if sanctions ion IRan go ahead.

So Chavez steps in, the champion of the poor and middle classes. He has no fear, no holds on him, that would stop him from telling the truth to the people. He has been threated, attempts to shoot him by CIA, kidnapping attempts... but he does not have that dirty baggage that stops most politicians from doing the moral thing, or economic coersion that the global Elites usually pin on national leaders.

The TRUTH that Chavez is telling the people is partly summed up here in this article:
Quotes from it:
"REALITY: Bush is a pimp for the moneyed interests and corporations who wield most of the wealth and power in the USA"

K - that sums it up pretty well.

The PLAN then, to take the world back from these Elites, so we could stop global warming and stop the needless killing and suffering caused by them, so we could all share in the vast wealth that has been created over the past century, comes from the people themselves, it can be done by you and I if we act together [that is, if we could ever get anough people to see this debacle for what it is, but we are insecure and glad to have any job at all, as was the Elite's plan all along].

Here is one way we could take the world back:
[quoted from same link}- " Bush and his people know that if the work force acted in unison and ceased performing for its paymasters, the merciless machinery of corporatism and predatory capitalism would quickly grind to a halt. And the parasitic three to four million who comprise the “uber-class” would realize their worst fear. Stripped of their tools of domination, they would experience the quiet desperation members of the working class perpetually endure as they scramble to satisfy their families’ basic needs."

Rebel, by not working for corporations that do not respect you, or corporations that are not doing enough to fight global warming, or that refuse to promote alternatives to fossil fuels [like making their fleet vehicles bio-ciesel, for eg.]
Rebel, by not spending your money!! [do you really need that new toy?]
Rebel, by demanding a new way to elect leaders - as it is, the elections don't need to be rigged because they allready have both candidates chosen in the nomination process to be BOTH working for the Elites... "our people in every position that matters". But if the vote does matter, elections are easily rigged[Diebold machines]

With leaders like Chavez, the people are encouraged to stand up for themselves, to take away the power of Elites.

Elites themselves are fighting insecurity problems too - when you have the most, others allways want to take it away from you. Their money is most important, but now that kidnapping of their children and physical assaults are getting more commonplace, they see that revenge, that jealousy, becoming a rage. It seems the rich and the poor are backed into their respective corners by each other, with the American and Elites wealth on one side and about 80% of the worlds population on the other side. Victory for the poor side brings respect for life and equality for all, whereas victory for the Imperialists means total global economic control.

Which side is on the side of good, and which side is the dark side? - it is obvious.
It is very possible that the result might be "no winners at all" if we do not find a way to resolve the differences and meet the basic needs of all people.


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