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Organic foods, if subsidized, would be a major benefit to society

Date:   6/17/2006 10:43:50 AM ( 15 y ago)

We hear all sorts of uppity language like "for the greater good" in the constitution and other proclamations. Its good stuff - the underlying principles of a vital society are all there,

If we followed our own best advice that is. It has become painfully obvious that "for the greater good" , and "whats best for everyone", has been sold out to the private interests. They have done a remarkable job in keeping the public from seeing it though, by using these exact same phrases to distract us from the reality of Elitism.

We were convinced that the rule of Kings and Queens was over in the free nations. Although it is not really a monarchy, we still have the basic tactic of priviledged people. "Privileged people" can mean "those with extrodinary abilites" too, or anyone who manages to fanagle their way into positions of power that conspire with other government and financial Elites to get favours.

So where is the proof? I like to point out some concrete examples of where "the greater good" is ignored. The examples are plentifull, and not altogether hidden or complicated. One might wonder how so many people fail to see that these situations are evidence of the broken trust where the greater good should prevail.

Example #1 - "Oil industry handouts VS organics" :
There is no shortage of facts to support organic foods as a better way to staying or getting healthy. If the organic foods were subsidized, or even simple incentives for farmers to 'go organic', to the degree that the oil corporations are given handouts and royalty breaks, well then we would all be able to afford to eat organics. We would be healthier happier and more productive, returning an exponential amount of the financial incentives back to government. It is doubly beneficial in nations where health care is socialised - there are savings from people not getting ill as often.

When oil gets the 'government welfare', it is gone - to private savings accounts. They continue to tell us that without those handouts, oil would not be found, the risk is just too great when off shore well cost over a billion dollars and might come up dry. Thats scary, we can sympathise that kind of risk. However, if the handouts were given "in case of losses in exploration" [like drilling dry holes], none of the $80 Billion~ handed out each year to oil companies would have been needed since every hole they drilled offshore has produced - there were no dry holes offshore yet. But they still got the money.

What this example shows is that governments are oh so wiling to give oilmen free money without risks or strings attached to ensure the public gets something for their money. This actually ENCOURAGES global warming, and acts against efforts to find alternatives to fossil fuels as they cannot compete financially - unfair!!

Also, the pollution from fossil fuels, plus the pesticides on non-organic foods, is causing a modern epidemic of chronic and acute illnesses - every person on earth has compromised health due to these toxins, with cancer rates skyrocketing. They lie to us and say cancer is less now so we won't make the connection.

Organic foods actually reduce the disease potential of fossil fuels and pesticides [which are made from fossil fules chemcicals, by the way!].With organics, and various alternative health medicines that are rejected by the medical industry [pharmaceuticals], people could avoid the tortures of cancer and chronic illnesses. This raises a secondary conspiracy - to create illness for the medical industry to profit from.

One more step in keeping people from eating organics is the stringent regulations that were imposed on organic farms. More, tougher, regulations for organic producers are being debated right now in government, at the behest of Monsanto, who gets away with GMO contaminations , etc., every day for years on end.
Meanwhile, the oil industry breaks rules and regulations, and pays the fines because they come out ahead rather than dealing with their pollution responsibly [at some cost, which they avoid by polluting]

We, the people, the greater good, did not stand a chance.


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